Laser Cladding Technologies

LCT - a new trademark of the Flame Spray Technologies Group

LCT specialises in laser cladding technologies and applications across a wide range of industries. As a brand LCT is a part of Flame Spray Technologies Ltd. From our base in Singapore, we serve Australia and the Asia Pacific region.


LCT exclusively uses industrial lasers manufactured by Coherent Laser Systems. With this exclusivity approach, LCT fully uses the available knowledge and support from Coherent.


LCT has been set up to supply a range of industries with:

  • Coherent laser cladding equipment and industrial lasers such as; direct diode laser and diode fiber laser systems
  • Laser cladding turn key systems and projects
  • Auxiliary equipment including powder feeders, robots, turn tables, dust collectors and heat exchangers.
  • Laser Cladding Materials including Metal/Alloy and Metal/Carbide Blends powders. LCT and Höganäs have a materials and technology partnership to jointly develop the market, and provide technology to this market through joint know-how and knowledge. LCT offers the Höganäs Laser Cladding Product Range
  • With the development and testing of a laser cladding system installed in our Singapore facility, LCT can demonstrate laser cladding technology and work together with customers on  application & coating development as well as technology transfer
  • Full service and support
  • Advise on health and safety issues

Reliable laser cladding turn key systems and projects

Reference projects