Laser Cladding Technologies (LCT) offers a complete range of laser cladding powders including Metals, Alloys and Carbide blends. Please contact our LCT team for advice or a quote for your laser cladding application.


Typical laser cladding powder which FST offers, among others, are:

  • Cobalt-based alloys
    Alloy 1, Alloy 6, Alloy 12, T-400, T800, etc...
  • Nickel-based alloys
    Alloy 625, Alloy C-276, NiCrBSi, NiCrSiBCuMo, etc..
  • Iron-based alloys 
    Stainless steel 316L, Stainless Steel 431, etc…
  • Carbides and Carbide blends
    • Cast Tungsten Carbide (CTC) / Fused Tungsten Carbide (FTC)
    • Spherical Cast Tungsten Carbide (sCTC)
    • Macroline Tungsten Carbide (MTC)
    • Carbide blends like CTC/NiSF52HRC 60/40%, etc...

Laser Cladding Powders

Carbides are used as hard phase with Ni based alloy blends. These powder blends are common used for PTA-welding, laser cladding, spray/fuse coating applications for wear protection. Coatings are very dense and resistant against wear by abrasive grains or particle erosion/abrasion.


Available Size Ranges:

-180+53µm, -160+63µm, -150+53µm, -125+45µm, -106+45 µm and many more!



The most generally industrial used laser cladding materials and grain sizes are listed. If products other than listed in our catalogue are required, please contact our sales team.

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