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LCT offers a range of NUTECH GmbH laser optics for inner pipe and tube processing, known as ID optics. NUTECH is a German company with long term experience in the design and manufacturing of special laser optics. NUTECH ID optics are designed to work under rough industrial conditions in multi-shift operations. Countless running installations worldwide testify reliability.
ID optics tools can be designed and delivered for all standard laser types such as CO2, Nd: YAG, high-performance diode and fibre laser sources.
These optics can be equipped with a pyrometer, camera, adjustment devices and process heads for laser cladding and laser hardening. Nozzles for powder-based laser cladding are standard but wire cladding heads can also be designed.


Examples of use

  • Hard facing and anti-corrosion coating of pipe interiors
  • Interior welding of pipe bundles
  • The recasting of running surfaces
  • Hardening or coating of bushings

The modular system

Over the past few years, we have developed a modular system to standardise the design of these optics. This enables us to serve a wide range of different applications or customer requests at a viable cost within a short period.
id optics the modular system



Immersion depth range: up to 150 mm / 500 mm/ 2000 mm
Inner diameter: minimum 25 mm / 40 mm / 80 mm
Laser-power: up to 1 kW / 2.5 kW / 4 kW /
Laser process: laser cladding, laser hardening, laser welding

id optics parameters

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