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Laser cladding technologies works directly with the worlds leading cladding head manufacturers enabling us to deliver the optics required for all applications. LCT offers optics for cladding, hardening, brazing and 3D printing and can supply integrate optics designed specifically for our customers' requirements.


LCT offers a wide range of optics for all Coherent laser cladding core systems from fiber to the fiber-coupled diode as well as options for both powder or wire delivery depending on the application requirements. LCT also offers onsite training and application development for our customers to ensure your operators can utilize the technology to its full capability.


Visit the LCT demo facility in Singapore where we offer demonstration, testing and sample processing & analysis in house.



  • Cladding heads for powder or wire
  • Optics for all industrial cladding, hard facing, repair
  • Complete integration, installation training and support
  • Coaxial, pressurized nozzles
  • Integrated cooling and inert gas delivery
  • Customized optics solutions

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