About Cladding Head Handling Systems

Gun Handling by Robot
Today’s complex components often require an Industrial Robot to manipulate the spray gun in a controlled and reproducible pattern. Industrial robots are found in almost all industries, because they considerable advantages and affordable competition against linear gun handling systems. If necessary, one or more external axes can be added (robot track, tilting turntable, exhaust suction channel, etc..)


LCT offers a variety of robot manufacturers and is specialized in:

  • ABB
  • Fanuc
  • Motoman

Linear Gun Traverse Units
The linear gun traverse unit is a single or double axis manipulating system for moving the spray gun along the part. The spray gun is mounted on an adjustable fixture which can be manually adjusted in two directions – in height and in the distance from the centerline. Gun traverse units are often integrated in a system or just as a stand-alone moveable traverse unit on a chassis for maximum flexibility. It is driven by a motor and spindle mechanism.


Optional, it is possible to connect a spray hood with suction channel to integrate the best possible local dust extraction while reducing the size of dust collector required.


The movement of the gun holder is programmable with following features:

  • Ignition / Start / Stop positions (programmable anywhere between the hardware end switches)
  • Traverse speed
  • Number of cycles

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