Laser Cladding Powder Feeders

Powder Feeders supplied by Laser Cladding Technologies are designed for all laser cladding applications. Our powder feeders have excellent track records in providing high precision and repeatable powder feed for all coating, laser or welding processes.


FST-10 & FST-20 Powder Feeders for laser cladding applications

FST-20 The FST-10 and FST-20 feeders are available as single or double versions (equipped with one or two powder feed lines). With the double versions, the two feed lines can be operated separately or simultaneously.


They are also available as stand-alone units. Stand-alone feeders can be operated independent from the coating controller and therefore can be integrated with all available and laser and welding systems. The feeding system, based on the volumetric principle, provides continuous feeding and precise and reproducible powder feed rates. The powder feeders are equipped with mass flow controllers, or alternatively with rotameters, for accurate control of the carrier gases.


When integrated with the Coherent laser cladding system, all powder feed functions are controlled from the operators' control panel or as part of a stored cladding recipe. Stand-alone feeders have an independent control panel for setting the required powder feed parameters. The hoppers can be equipped with special disc and spreader/suction units for low and stable powder feed rates for all PTA or Laser applications.


The FST-10 or FST-20 powder feeders are equipped with 1,5 ltr. or 5,0 ltr. hoppers (other sizes are available) and can be equipped with heating devices, as well as weight balances to enable closed-loop control of the powder feed operation. The powder hoppers are designed for high carrier gas pressures.


PF-50 Powder Feeder for Laser Cladding applications

The LCT Powder Feeder model PF-50 is an open-loop pressurized unit specifically designed for laser cladding applications. Based on the proven volumetric-feed technology, the PF-50 is an economical powder feeder for all powder-based laser cladding processes (A high-pressure version and high volume version are available).


Its proven design, unparalleled powder feeding accuracy and repeatability, and its attractive price level have turned the PF-50 into becoming one of the standard powder feeders in the laser cladding industry.

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