Modular laser cladding systems

Laser Cladding Technologies, in partnership with Coherent, offers a complete line of industrial laser cladding equipment and products. Coherent is a leading manufacturer of laser products globally, and Laser Cladding Technologies work closely with Coherent to offer their products directly to our customers.


These state-of-the-art laser products complemented LCT's integration and customized part handling solutions in a very positive way, and the partnership has formed to enable us to deliver laser cladding systems as an OEM system integrator.

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High power Direct Diode laser cladding systems

Free-Space Direct Diode Laser Cladding offers special advantages, because the laser source is directly mounted on the robot.

Thermal spray spare parts

All-In-One, Industrial Diode Laser

The HighLight HPS contains the HighLight HPR laser integrated in a cabinet and combined with a water/air chiller and climate control unit as well as an electrical distribution rack.

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High Power Diode Laser

Coherent HighLight DL HP Series industrial diode laser systems that offer unmatched convenience and economy for metal processing applications.

Thermal spray spare parts

Rack-mount Industrial Diode Laser

The Coherent HighLight™ DL HPR lasers are compact, high power, fiber delivered industrial diode laser systems for metal processing applications.

wide range of laser source options

In partnership with Coherent Inc. LCT offers a wide range of laser source options from Direct Diode, fiber coupled diode & fiber laser depending on your industrial laser cladding requirements.


About Coherent-

  • Founded in 1966
  • Laser components manufacturing leader
  • 2600 employees
  • 49% in Microelectronics market
  • 51% Sales in Asia-Pacific, 26% in USA, 17% in EU
  • Selling Diode bars and components to other laser manufactures
  • Deep knowledge in Laser Application
  • Global presence for logistic and development

More information about Laser Cladding Systems?

Application Centers in Germany, USA and at LCT Singapore

Any process, any laser - Coherent has the broadest selection of lasers, from deep UV to IR including Excimer, DPSS, Fiber and CO2.

A wealth of applications expertise and enhanced process development knowledge – provides greater assurance of matching the right solution to a process need.

Collaborative applications environment across three continents. Customers are actively involved in the development of and training on applications processes.