All-In-One, Industrial Diode Laser

The Coherent HighLightTM DL HPS lasers are high power, fiber delivered industrial diode laser systems with integrated water/air chiller that offers unmatched convenience and economy for metal processing applications such as cladding, heat treating, brazing and welding. Also, the HighLightTM DL HPS series uses conduction-cooled diodes which do not require deionized cooling water. Finally, its very high wall plug efficiency minimizes energy consumption and cost of ownership.

HighLight DL HPS Series

The HighLightTM DL HPS series is available with an extensive range of options which provide the flexibility for integration into a wide variety of laser-based manufacturing systems.

Features & benefits

CheckOutput power: 1,000 to 4,000 Watts

CheckAll-In-One Laser System

CheckIntegrated water/air chiller

CheckFiber coupled

CheckHighly cost and energy efficient

Features & benefits


CheckHeat treatment



Coherent has expanded the HighLight Diode Laser portfolio with a turnkey laser capable of delivering output powers up to 4000 W. The new HighLight HPS Series employs a modular architecture, which allows customers and system integrators the choice of lasers with various beam qualities and turn-key operation. The modular architecture combined with our service training and qualification program enables OEM customers to provide direct service for their end customers. All power levels are available with a range of output delivery fiber and optics optimized for cladding, heat treatment, brazing and welding.

The HPS System is a platform in which rack type diode lasers such as the HPR diode lasers are integrated in combination with a water/air chiller. The wavelengths between 920 nm and 1100 nm achieve high absorption in many materials and are especially suitable for processing various type of metals.

The lasers are equipped with the Diode Laser Control Unit (DLC), which offers numerous monitoring tasks and e-service capability.

Due to the unique cooling concept, clean distilled water can be used (see specifications). No deionized water is used.
HighLight Diode Laser Platform HPS Top-Level Specifications

CheckIncludes water/air chiller, power supply and controller

CheckOutput power from 1000 – 4000 watts

CheckDetachable delivery fiber with QBH or QD connector

Checkdiameter 1000 μm, 5 m – 35 m fiber length

CheckCCU (climate control unit)

CheckIncorporates the well-known HighLight DL HPR Laser

CheckUL-version available on request

CheckRoller-equipped for easy change of location

The HighLight HPS contains the HighLight HPR laser integrated in a cabinet and combined with a water/air chiller and an electrical distribution rack.

Laser Cladding Heads

Laser Cladding Optics

Laser Cladding Optics

LCT offers a wide range of optics for all Coherent laser cladding core systems from fiber to the fiber-coupled diode as well as options for both powder or wire delivery depending on the application requirements.

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Deep Bore Laser Cladding Heads

LCT offers a complete line of versatile and robust ID deep bore cladding heads with capabilities from 4” (100mm) diameter down to 1.5” (38mm) and can offer the length in standard or custom as required for your ID application.

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ID Optics

LCT offers a range of laser optics for inner pipe and tube processing, known as ID optics. Depending on the laser source beam quality, pipes with an inside diameter from 25mm can be processed. Immersion depths depend on customer requirements.

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Fiber delivered LARGE area cladding head

Fiber delivered LARGE area cladding head

As part of our fiber delivered range LCT offer the large area cladding head delivering rectangular beam shapes with widths from 6mm – 30mm.

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Coaxial fiber delivered cladding head

Coaxial fiber delivered cladding head

As part of our fiber delivered range LCT offers a wide range of industrial powder delivery nozzles for 3-D additive manufacturing and laser cladding.

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